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Get Your Team's iPhone Case Before Our Special Ends!

Posted on 19th Nov 2011 @ 5:56 PM

Our stylish rugby iPhone 4 covers have been on our front page for a while, but there's only a few more weeks left to get yours for only R99!  We still have a few iphone cover styles available to choose from, including the Springboks, Blou Bulle and Sharks covers, as well as our ever popular Reach For a Dream cover, which helps you to support the RFAD foundation.

These iPhone 4 covers are not your average iphone cover - they're made with a patented rubber engraving technique which prints the design in relief, making it long lasting.  They're made using touchy-feely rubber which has a great texture, and is extra-durable so it won't tear, crack or wear through any time soon.

Here are our great SA Rugby and Super XIV iPhone covers that are still available, for the amazing price of only R99! Note that this is only a selection.  View all of our iPhone covers and accessories here.

blue-bulls-iphone-4-cover.jpg springboks-iphone-4-cover.jpg sharks-cover.jpg
Blou Bulle iPhone 4 Cover Springboks iPhone 4 Cover Sharks iPhone 4 Cover


3 Reasons You Need an iPhone 4 Cover

If you have an iPhone 4 (or any iPhone for that matter) you might not want to cover it up: they look pretty awesome on their own, and feel great in your hand.  However, there are three really good reasons why an iPhone 4 cover is a great investment, and here they are:

1) Pay Less for iPhone Insurance

Not all gadget insurance policies make allowances for things like iPhone covers, but there are a few companies that will offer you a lower premium if you show them a receipt for an iPhone cover.  Apart from the obvious protection it offers, you will be able to insure your iPhone against damage for less, meaning you'll have more money to spend on things like apps and music! 

The protection a cover affords you is an obvious advantage.  What would you rather have - a coverless iPhone that looks great for 3 months, or one that will last you until your next upgrade?

2) Fix That Annoying iPhone Antenna Problem

One of the biggest gripes that iPhone 4 users have is that it drops calls when you "hold it that way".  The budget solution, as we mentioned in our article on 3 Common iPhone 4 Problems, is to stick a little strip of duct tape over the antenna gap, thereby preventing your finger from completing the circuit and dropping the call.  A far classier solution is to buy an iPhone 4 cover that prevents you from ever being able to touch that little gap, thereby eliminating the problem.

3) Make Your iPhone Your Own - and Support Your Team!

There's no better way to show your support for your team than by buying a stylish Bulls, Sharks or Springboks cover.  It's less annoying than walking around in a rugby jersey, and you can even show your support in the board room.

Not a fan of the Bulls or the Sharks?  Well, then you can always buy a Springboks cover, or move to a province that has a better rugby team (sorry, Stormers fans!)

About the Reach For a Dream Foundation

reachforadream-25113-zoom.jpgReach For a Dream is a uniquely South African initiative that aims to fulfil the dreams of children between the ages of 3 and 18 who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. The foundation does not discriminate based on race, religion, or financial status. RFAD recognizes that the magic of childhood can be lost in the trauma and emotional stress of dealing with a life-threatening illness.  Reach For a Dream fulfils the wildest dreams of children with cancer, HIV/Aids and dozens of other terminal or life-threatening illnesses.

By buying our Reach For a Dream iPhone 4 cover, you'll be able to support RFAD in helping children to live out their childhood dreams.  It's made and engraved using the same process as our popular SA Rugby and Super XIV covers, although it is produced in the USA and so attracts an extra shipping charge of R55.  Worth every cent, we think.