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iOS Update Fails to Fix Battery Drain and Australian Accents

Posted on 24th Nov 2011 @ 3:01 PM

With the release of Apple iOS 5, a number of users, most notably those using the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, began reporting almost instantaneous battery drain.  New iPhone 4 batteries were reported as draining in as little as 3 hours by some members of the Apple support forums, while iPhone 3GS and iPad users were also reporting a number of problems. In addition to the iPhone 4 battery drain problem, a number of users reported issues with downloading and viewing PDFs and browsing. Another more satisfying defect was the inability of Siri to understand Australian accents.  You're not alone, Siri.

Apple responded by releasing a patch for the update, iOS 5.0.1.  Unfortunately, this new update has come with its own host of iPhone 4 problems, and it failed to fix many of the known issues, many forum users report. The new update apparently hurts iPhone 3GS battery life even more than the original iOS 5, and many users are crying out for a downgrade until current problems are fixed.

I Upgraded to iOS 5/5.0.1 and Nothing's Fixed - What do I do?

The first piece of advice if you're already upgraded and you're not seeing new features, or are still experiencing some of the known iPhone 4 problems, is to reset your iPhone to its factory settings.  This is most definitely required in order for the 5.0.1 patch to take effect, so if you're still experiencing very fast battery drain, it's probably a good idea to try this.

If you have upgraded to 5.0.1, and reset your iPhone, and you are still experiencing problems, then you are unfortunately out of luck until Apple releases a patch.  It is possible to have your phone restored to an older version of the operating system by one of our technicians, but you will lose all data on the device (make sure you back it up first!)

If your iPhone previously had battery problems, it is likely that the patches would have made the problem worse.  This can be significantly improved by buying an iPhone battery replacement, which is affordable and will more than double the battery life of your iPhone.

It is unknown whether or not the patch to help Siri understand Australian accents was successful