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Tethering App for iPhone Approved!

Posted on 29th Nov 2011 @ 2:42 PM

tethering.jpgiPhone tethering has been the holy grail of apps ever since the iPhone first appeared.  The reasons for not having one up until now have been convoluted, and have a lot to do with mobile carriers like AT&Ts' stranglehold on the telecommunications industry in America.

Several would-be tethering apps have appears, either sneaking under the App Store radar, or masquerading as something different altogether - such as one iphone tethering app that pretended to be a free torch app. All have been pulled without lasting more than a few weeks.

Introducing iTether, the first approved tethering app for iPhone.

iTether, the first approved tethering app for iPhone, seems to have found its way into the App Store via careful negotiation with Apple, and looks unlikely to be pulled any time soon. The app is $14.99 on the App Store, which is well worth it if you plan on using it often, and Tether.com offers companion software for Mac and for PC, which can be downloaded from the following links:

iTether companion for PC

iTether companion for Mac

Note that the Tether.com site is currently down, as this is relatively breaking news at time of writing.

What is iPhone Tethering?

iPhone tethering is being able to use your iPhone, plugged in via a USB cable, to browse the internet on your laptop.  It can be done with most mobile phones in South Africa, but the bandwidth costs are quite expensive. It's usually cheaper to buy a 3G dongle and a good data plan, if you need to use the internet when away from a broadband connection. Since 3G connection speeds on phones like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are about as good as 3G speeds get, being able to tether your iPhone would be a huge advantage to owning one - if you have a good enough data plan and a good connection.

How it Works


1) First, you'll need to download the app from the iTunes Store - this will set you back a handsome $14.99, but you're going to do it anyway because tethering your phone is awesome.

2) Then you'll need to download one of the companion files from the above links (depending on whether you have a Mac or a PC) and install that.  

3) Plug your iPhone in using its charger, and you should be able to connect to the internet via 3G.  Note that it might not work depending on your carrier, but which SA carriers will specifically block it is not yet known.